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We believe that for the PHINNEY Real Estate team to enjoy continued success, we must clearly emphasize the very foundation and essence of our business philosophy – principles upon which we have built our unprecedented Canadian track record.   Here are the essential values of our Brokerage philosophy:


No other single attribute can have greater impact on success or failure. We believe that every action should be executed with truth and honesty, and if we must ask ourselves if it is all right to do something, it probably isn’t. There must be honesty in every action, truth in every work. We deliver and expect honest communication between our management team, our Associates and our Sales Representatives/Brokers.


Our clients and customers have a right to Expect Extraordinary service. We are paid not for time spent, but for service delivered. If we expect to be well-paid and highly regarded we must provide the most sophisticated level of service to the people that entrust us.  As a result this becomes an expectation for our Associates and our Sales Representatives/Brokers to provide excellent service.


No organization can grow or prosper unless each member of the team puts forth the maximum effort. Often, we feel a tendency to “let down”, and to do less than our best. Conscientious and consistent effort is expected of our Associates and our Sales Representatives/Brokers.

Professional Competence

We should never undertake an assignment for a client or customer unless we have the training and experience to do the job. We believe in continuing education as a valuable resource for enhancing our personal development, reputation and level of service. We highly encourage our Associates and Sales Representatives/Brokers to continue learning and evolving.


An organization achieves greatest results when all members are working together for a common purpose. If its members are all rowing in a different direction expect a mediocre result at best. Helping each other when possible will bring harmony, success and prosperity to us all. We deliver and expect co-operation from our Associates and Sales Representatives/Brokers.

Professional Ethics

The Code of Ethics of the Real Estate Council of Ontario, Canadian Real Estate Association, Toronto Real Estate Board and all the other boards we belong to, are our “rudders” for daily business operations. The laws of this province are clear as to our obligations to our clients and customers. It is your duty as a Sales Representative/Broker to inform yourself as to these rules and regulations, including all updates made to these.

Also our management team has a combined background of over a century of Real Estate experience. If you aren’t sure about a matter please ask your Sales Representative, any member of our Leadership Team, Broker of Record or, one of the Brokers on our team as we are always happy to help. If any of these people do not have an answer we will work to get one for you.

These principles, above all else, are at the heart and core of our business. Our success applying these principles speaks for itself and we shall not abandon our commitment to them under any circumstances.