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Aligning yourself with the right brand can make a momentous shift in your performance as a Realtor.

For the New Realtor:

At Phinney Real Estate, we provide a comprehensive Onboarding and Training Program to ensure you are always at the top of your game! Our robust and strategic Marketing Plan will also provide you with the best tactics and support for your clients! 

Our Senior Team operates with a “Boots on the Ground” mentality, ensuring ongoing mentorship and coaching. Lead generation and allocation are two critical components of our business model, with success created through the strength of our Brand. 

Plus, our remuneration plan is best in class, with incentives built to encourage high performance!

We’re excited to hear from you! One thing you can be sure of with a career at Phinney Real Estate is that you can Expect Extraordinary!

For the Seasoned Realtor:

We are familiar with all the pain points that can affect a seasoned professional like yourself. Our structure allows you to be upfront with our leadership, guiding and supporting you. Our best-in-class lead generation and allocation program will enable you to grow your funnel and flatten out the peaks and valleys that can occur in real estate.

Our Marketing Team is there to support you and remove things from your plate that can bog you down, giving you the most opportunity to be with your clients and/or prospect new clients. The Operations Team is also in place, with experienced professionals who provide peace of mind through consistent quality output.

We are excited to hear from you and happy to take you through the details that make Phinney Real Estate a phenomenal team. We guarantee that you can Expect Extraordinary!

If what you see sounds intriguing, please fill in the form below! We look forward to connecting and sharing the journey with you!