Family and Business

If you think of leaders in Real Estate, the name Loretta Phinney, comes to mind and for good reason – you would be hard-pressed to find any other realtor out there with the longevity of personal sales achievement for the duration that Loretta has been selling real estate! 

For over 37 years Loretta has been a leading realtor.  Her unsurpassed knowledge of the market through every market condition allows her to accurately assess and strategize so her clients get, or exceed expected return on investment. She is a household name in the City of Mississauga where she started her career and also in the Town of Oakville where she later moved for the lure of its beautiful lakefront, a place she continues to reside and where the family opened its second office. 

Loretta was one of those “instant success stories” in real estate.  She went from rookie sales representative to becoming the #1 Real Estate Salesperson in her former company the first year she was in business. If that’s not impressive enough, she did so being the mother of a 2 yr & 3 yr old son & daughter and two teenage daughters in high school. Imagine the challenge of that, and then learning, selling, and achieving that level of success!  It demonstrates the commitment and sheer determination that has led Loretta’s drive and rigour to keep it up consistently for over 3 & 1/2 decades!  

Family and business were always interchangeable traits in the Phinney household and perhaps played a huge role in that achievement. Anyone who knows Loretta’s negotiation skills should know it started at home and carried into the business. Organized, able to delegate tasks, her family can attest she is a master of getting everything done in real estate and keeping a well-organized home and the whereabouts of all family members intact. Whatever Loretta sets out to accomplish she does so, not just to succeed, but to excel. While being a mother she got her 4 yr Bachelor of Science Degree in 3 yrs, with Distinction.  

Her husband Ron carried a similar mantra wIth family in business with a similar success story from sales representative to leading executive in the insurance industry, before joining Loretta in real estate where he became Broker of Record. Their lives in insurance had moves to Burlington, Oakville and Mississauga, as well as all of the Atlantic Provinces. These moves became a precursor for Loretta’s love of real estate – always following the market!  Before Loretta, and later husband Ron, entered Real Estate, Loretta and the kids attended all of Ron’s offices, and conferences together. Loretta would host many corporate dinners at home amidst the family. Family life and business have always intermingled and at the forefront and core of the family’s experience and perhaps the success behind the family’s ongoing success in Real Estate and business. 

Loretta has always been in the top-5 sales representatives with Royal LePage. She held #1 in Canada for Royal LePage for 8 of her 27 years and #2 & 3 many times during her time leading the company. Loretta holds a Lifetime Chairman’s Club and Royal LePage’s Hall of Fame.

Loretta has consistently sold properties throughout Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and rural surrounding areas of the GTA. 

Loretta has also been voted in the category of Best Realtor in Mississauga by the Mississauga News Readers’ Choice Awards and Best Brokerage by the Toronto Star. She is also a member of the Leaders in Luxury Advisory Board since 2015 for the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.

She facilitates the rapid and efficient sale of her clients’ homes through comprehensive and professional marketing campaigns. She remains personally involved with her former clients and with referrals but now leaves managing the business to daughter Kimberly and son Michael who have placed #3 in Canada over the past two years. 

Loretta currently lives on Lake Ontario in southeast Oakville. She has four adult children and seven grandchildren and three of her children have made careers in real estate.