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A Dream Modernist Home

This $8.5 million home in Oakville is last one built by famous Canadian architect.

Misha Gajewski

2366 Carrington Place Oakville

Right on the lake in Oakville is 2366 Carrington Place, an embodiment of friendship, trust and good design in house form, with the story behind the home heartwarming and heartbreaking in equal measure. 

According to a Globe and Mail article written back in 2009, the owner at the time – Stewart Daymond – commissioned his friend and internationally renowned architect Joseph W. Storey to create this home back in the early 70s.

2366 Carrington Place Oakville

An open-tread staircases leading to two different living rooms.

Due to their long and close friendship, Daymond didn’t really give Storey any guidance, but rather let him have almost complete creative freedom when it came to both designing and building the house. 

2366 Carrington Place Oakville

The hall connecting the living room and dining room. 

The only requirements, apparently, were to not mess with Daymond’s love of jazz and for the home to have a close relationship with Lake Ontario.

2366 Carrington Place Oakville

A den area. 

“I understood early in the game that he must have somehow picked my mind, so I just let him go,” Daymond told The Globe and Mail.

2366 Carrington Place Oakville

A view into the living room. 

The result was a dream modernist home for Daymond and his family.

2366 Carrington Place Oakville

A hallway with stone walls.  

However, as realtor Michael Phinney told blogTO, “2366 Carrington Place was one of the last house commissions of [Storey].” 

2366 Carrington Place OakvilleA bedroom with cork walls. 

This is because shortly after the home was complete, Storey suddenly passed away en route to his work from his cottage in 1975. 

2366 Carrington Place OakvilleViews of the lake from the living room. 

Thankfully, the home remains in excellent condition and is a testament to how good design can last a lifetime and never goes out of style. 

2366 Carrington Place Oakville

The kitchen. 

“The two-storey lakefront house is defined by its horizontally brilliant open floor plan, commanding use of materials, and seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces,” said Phinney.

2366 Carrington Place Oakville

The yellow kitchen cupboards are original to the house. 

The three-bedroom, four-bathroom home boast over 6,000 square feet of living space, with stunning principal rooms that have soaring nearly 11-foot ceilings. 

2366 Carrington Place Oakville

The living room with wood ceilings. 

The use of stone, cedar, glass, and concrete throughout the home is wonderful, creating interesting patina and texture throughout the spaces. 

2366 Carrington Place Oakville

The wood ceiling continues to the outdoor spaces, creating a harmony between indoor and outdoor living. 

The huge glass windows allow for stunning views of Lake Ontario and almost give the illusion of being on top of the water.

2366 Carrington Place OakvilleThe primary bedroom. 

As for the concrete floors, they are actually very deliberate.

2366 Carrington Place Oakville

The lower family room with built-in speakers.

As Daymond told The Globe and Mail, Storey used an innovative flooring system so that Daymond, a self-professed audiophile, could walk around the house and not have the needle on his record player jump.

2366 Carrington Place Oakville

The dining area off of the kitchen. 

The floors are actually long, pre-stressed, prefabricated concrete units that needed to be crane-lifted into the home. The addition of a steel frame further solidified the home and keeps bouncing to a minimum.

2366 Carrington Place Oakville

A bathroom. 

Something that was definitely necessary back in the 70s when CDs and mp3s weren’t a thing. 

2366 Carrington Place Oakville

The floor-to-ceiling windows provide excellent views. 

“It is rare to see a home with this level of construction and design attributes,” said Phinney.

2366 Carrington Place Oakville

Another bedroom. 

There’s more living space on the lower level of the home, with a large family room and more bedrooms. 

2366 Carrington Place Oakville

The back of the house with a metal spiral staircase leading from the first floor to the pool. 

The lower level walks out to the backyard, which has a Ashlar limestone-lined in-ground pool and views of Lake Ontario.  

2366 Carrington Place Oakville

The view from the upper balcony. 

This house is truly a modernist gem.

2366 Carrington Place OakvilleThe house nestled among the trees. 

Currently, 2366 Carrington Place is listed for $8,500,000, down $1 million from its previous listing price.

Photos by 

Enzo Melana for Helicopix