Deb is a seasoned professional with an impressive thirty-seven year career in pharmaceutical sales and a fervent passion for real estate.  Born with an inherent commitment to excellence, Deb has dedicated her career to cultivating success and building lasting relationships.

A graduate of Western University with a degree in Food Science/Nutrition, Deb embarked on her professional journey and swiftly ascended through the ranks, transitioning seamlessly into pivotal roles.

Throughout her  career, Deb has been unwavering in her commitment to customer satisfaction. Known for her customer-focused approach, she understands that real estate is not merely about transactions but finding the perfect home for both buyers and sellers. Over the years she has earned the reputation as a trusted advisor, which now continues in the real estate landscape.

Having raised a family of three in the Lorne Park area, and now living in the Oakville area, Deb treasures the importance of family and friends, recognizing the invaluable role they play in both personal and professional spheres.  This dedication to meaningful connections reflects not only in her career achievements but in the genuine care she brings to every aspect of her life.  Deb not only wants to help you find a house, she wants to help you find a home.

 Deb’s  wealth of experience, coupled with a deep understanding of clients’ needs, positions her as a guiding force in the quest for the perfect home.